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Springtime Roadside Flowers

We get some nice glade flowers along our stretch of Old 179 this time of year.    I took some video with my quadcopter.    Nothing too exciting, but you can listen to relaxing music and imagine that you are … Continue reading

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Mouse in Nestbox

I was checking nest boxes and found a breastfeeding mother mouse and her triplets.    I have never had a mouse in one of my boxes before.

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Carolina Wrens 4-30-2016

I am not sure, but I think this video shows a male wren “fussing” at another close-by male that is giving the typical Carolina Wren call.

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Blue-Winged Teals 4-14-2016

The Wood Ducks are daily visitors to my frog ponds.   I think the Blue-Winged Teals were just passing through.

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Frog Chorus Video 4-13-2016

Spring is trying to come to Missouri.   Heralded by the night time songs of the native frogs.

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Wood Ducks feeding on frog pond 4-12-2016

The Wood Ducks are coming to the frog ponds daily.   There are actually several pairs.  

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Mink Montage

The mink survived the previous encounter with the fox.     So far, I am not seeing more than one mink in any single video, so my hopes for a mink family may have been wishful thinking.    This mink … Continue reading

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