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Male Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sails)

This is a male Eastern bluebird.   He is visiting one of my mealworm feeding areas.   Later in the season, I hope the fledglings will visit this area as well.  This is the official bird of the State of … Continue reading

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Bluebird couple working on a nest.

I have had a couple of pairs of bluebirds fledge their first broods this season.   This couple is starting a new nest.    Not sure if it is their first or second for the season.    

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Feeding Fledglings 5-30-2016

The Fledglings are hungry.    Dad is working hard to keep everyone happy.   The photo is rather “soft”, but I thought is was still worth sharing.

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Bluebird Fledging 5-30-2016

  Most of my bluebirds have fledged their first broods and are starting on the second broods.   This was one of the last of the first broods to fledge.   I caught one of them leaving the nest box … Continue reading

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Bluebird with insect 5-1-2016

The bluebirds are working very hard feeding their hatchlings. They bring in grasshoppers, spiders, worms, and a variety of other insects. I do not know my bugs very well. This may be a centipede or millipede.

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Bluebirds feeding hatchlings 4-25-2016

The bluebirds are busy feeding their hatchlings.     I have black-capped chickadees and Carolina wrens feeding hatchlings as well.    The tree swallows and prothonotary warblers are just starting to make nests.

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First Bluebird hatchlings of 2014

  This is a Gilbertson PVC nest box with a stovepipe predator guard.   This box is frequently one of the first used each year.     This mother bluebird would frequently stay on the nest as I checked it. … Continue reading

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