I am Jack Dodson. My wife, Lorraine, and I and our three children live on a farm in the middle of Missouri. We love nature and are working towards restoring our fifty acres to a more native state. We also have a “bluebird trail” which is a collection of nest boxes or bird houses for bluebirds and other native cavity dwelling birds. I am an amateur photographer and wanted a place to share my experiences and photographs….thus this blog is born.

3 Responses to About

  1. Hi Dodsons!

    I did a blog last year (2009). It’s a labor of love, indeed.

    I am looking forward to watching your blog grow. I’m not familiar with WordPress. Is there a way I can subscribe to your blog so that when you post an entry I will be notified?

    Good luck! Linda in NW Georgia

    • jackdodson says:

      I did some checking and added a subscription “widget” to the blog. Try it out if you would like. We will find out together if it works.

  2. jeffrey dodson says:

    your blog is cool

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