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Red-Winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoniceus)

This is a red-winged blackbird.   Pretty common, but I did not see them very often on the farm until I started putting in frog ponds.   Now they are numerous.    They often nest in clumps of last years … Continue reading

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Molly (Canis familiaris)

We got Molly as a puppy.   She is primarily Libbys dog, but visits frequently and stays with us when Libby goes on trips.

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Immature Male Orchard Oriole

This is a young male Orchard Oriole.    They look very different from the adult males which are black and dark red.   The females are yellow like this, but do not have the dark neck.

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Butterweed (Packera glabella)

This is Butterweed.   It is a winter annual that bursts up in early spring.   It likes the low floodplains near Meadow Creek on my farm.   It can form thick blankets in those areas.   Small bees seem … Continue reading

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Eastern Kingbird (Tyrannus tyrannus)

This is an Eastern Kingbird.   He will chase large birds like crows or red-tailed hawks out of his territory.    He does not seem to bother the bluebirds or tree swallows on my farm.

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Bullfrog on Lilly Pad

This Bullfrog found himself his own personal pool on top of a lilly pad.   With a recent hard rain, the lilly pads were holding fresh rain water.    There is a bud in the background that will bloom later … Continue reading

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Male Orchard Oriole (Icterus spurius)

This is a male orchard oriole.   He was perched on a blue false indigo plant.   It looked like he was actually eating petals off of the plant, but might have been eating insects.   These birds are not … Continue reading

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