Bluebirds feeding hatchlings 4-25-2016


Bluebird bringing a spider for hatchlings


Bluebird bringing in a caterpillar

The bluebirds are busy feeding their hatchlings.     I have black-capped chickadees and Carolina wrens feeding hatchlings as well.    The tree swallows and prothonotary warblers are just starting to make nests.

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5 Responses to Bluebirds feeding hatchlings 4-25-2016

  1. Wow! How I wish Mom could see what you are up to! She would be delighted!

  2. Mike wants to know how close you were when you took these pics.

    • jackdodson says:

      About 8 feet. 200 mm lens. Set up with an infrared trigger. The bird triggers the camera by disrupting the IR beam. I set everthing up and then leave for a bit.

  3. Thanks! You are such a pro!

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