Wood duck (Aix sponsa)


Aix sponsa

I think the male wood duck is one of the most exotic-looking birds we have in Missouri. This guy landed on one of my small frog ponds. I have had a single wood duck nesting box up for them for almost 10 years near by at the edge of a creek, but the only bird that has ever used it except a tiny Carolina wren that built in a small corner of the box. I may try to put up another box or two near the frog ponds and see if I get any takers.

I have attempted to create a small “wetland” area by digging several small shallow frog ponds in a clay bottomland area surrounded by a creek. I am planting native wetland plants and have attracted muskrats and at least one mink. The wood ducks are regular visitors as are great blue and also green herons. I am overall happy with my results so far.

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