First Bluebird hatchlings of 2014

Gilberson PVC box

Gilberson PVC box


This is a Gilbertson PVC nest box with a stovepipe predator guard.   This box is frequently one of the first used each year.


Mother bluebird incubating eggs.

Mother bluebird incubating eggs.


This mother bluebird would frequently stay on the nest as I checked it.


Bluebird hatchlings

Bluebird hatchlings


Eggs yesterday,  hatchlings today.    These are my first hatchlings of the year.   Always an exciting time for me.

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2 Responses to First Bluebird hatchlings of 2014

  1. Duane Rice says:

    Congrats Jack! I know the feeling. I had my first of 2014 hatchlings today on my trail at Rotary Park. Please check us out . and like us on Facebook.

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