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Pussytoes (Antennaria plantaginifolia)

    This is a native plant that we have both in our garden and occurring naturally on our farm.   Some people think they look likes cats feet, thus the common name. For more pictures and details on this … Continue reading

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Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja coccinea)

  These flowers are special to me.   They are biennial plants that only live for two years and only bloom once in the spring their second year of life.    These are growing in a rocky cedar glade area … Continue reading

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Blue-Eyed Mary (Collinsia verna)

    I took these pictures this afternoon.   This little flower appears every spring on a hillside near Meadow Creek on my Farm For more detailed information on this flower visit Missouri Plants 

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First Bluebird hatchlings of 2014

  This is a Gilbertson PVC nest box with a stovepipe predator guard.   This box is frequently one of the first used each year.     This mother bluebird would frequently stay on the nest as I checked it. … Continue reading

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Nightlife at the Dodson Farm

    I sometimes put out corn and apples for the deer in the fall and winter.    An infrared game camera with motion detection captures the action.    In the picture above there are three raccoons and one possum. … Continue reading

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Panoramas of lower field 4-18-2014

The lower field is looking a bit barren right now, but that will change soon.   Most of it was burned or mowed this winter.   I want to show what it looks like now and come back later in … Continue reading

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Spring sounds at the Dodson farm

I love the sounds of the spring peepers and other frogs announcing the arrival of spring.    Our dogs love chasing the frogs around the edges of the ponds.

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