Black-capped Chickadee Box 140-2 First Attempt 2010

Box 140-2 March 31, 2010

This is a slant box.   Similar to a Peterson, but smaller.    It has an oval entrance hole and a noel guard on the front.     This picture was taken on March 31rst as our last snow of the year was melting.    This box is placed in an area at the edge of a very small tall grass prairie, forest and savanna.   It usually gets chickadees every year.

Moss in box April 4th

Complete nest, but no eggs April 10th

This nest had less fur than the Chickadee nests on my trail usually have.   It has cedar bark on top.   When the nest is like this, it may have eggs, but you may not see them.   I VERY carefully tease apart the nest material and look for eggs.   None found on this date.

First egg noted April 14th

Eventually we got up to five eggs.

First hatchling May 2

Sorry about the poor quality of the images above and below.    Obviously the focus was off.

Three eggs hatched. Photo May 11

Two chicks remaining May 19th

I had checked a couple of days before this and there were three chicks, two days later the nest was empty.     I hope all three fledged.     As I keep track of fledged birds, I will count this as three fledglings.     I of course can not prove that something bad did not happen to any of them.   Would anyone else approach the record keeping differently?

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