Bluebirds Box 400-1 First nesting 2010

Gilbertson Box 400-1

This is another Gilbertson PVC box.  It is placed in an area where a forest transitions into an Oak Savanna.

Full set of 5 eggs noted on May 2nd, 2010

Hatchlings May 11th, 2010   Looks like one of the eggs did not make it.   

Hatchlings May 13th

Dad flying in with an earthworm.

Mom feeding an assertive chick.

Nestlings May 25th Should be fledging soon.

Morning of May 27th. Three birds left.

I did not check the box  on May 26th.   There were still three birds on the morning of May 27th, but all had fledged (I hope)  by that evening.

Four more bluebirds fledged.    It feels good.

Empty nest evening of May 27th

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