Chickadee sitting on unhatched eggs Box 20-1

I have a black-capped chickadee that is still sitting on eggs  roughly 4o days after the first egg was laid.    I know she is still sitting on them because she flies out of the box every time I monitor it.     I am curious if others have had similar experiences.   I keep waiting for her to abandon this nest and move on, but she is not doing it.    At times I am tempted to clear out the nest, but am hesitant to do that.   When trying to decide whether to do less or more in these cases, I usually lean towards less.

Gilbertson “box” in a Cedar Glade area on our farm.

Nest noted April 4th 2010 no eggs yet.

First egg noted April 10th 2010

Three eggs noted on April 12th 2010

Completed set of 6 eggs as photographed on April 24th 2010

6 eggs unchanged/unhatched May 20th 2010

I will try to post an update in the future.   Comments on this situation would be appreciated.

Update May 27th 2010

I checked every couple of days and there was no change until today.    There seemed to be new nesting material in the box today.   I gently explored, but could not find any sign of the eggs.   There was no egg fragments or old nesting material around the base of the pole.

I will just have to wait and see what happens next.

New nesting material. No sign of chickadee eggs.

Update May 30th, 2010

This morning there was a bluebird sitting on top of the box and a grass cup consistent with a bluebird nest inside.     I will chalk this up as a failed chickadee nesting attempt and if the bluebirds lay an egg, count that as a new nesting attempt by the bluebirds.    I do not know why none of these eggs hatched.   We have had a cool and wet spring, but when I say cool, I do not mean freezing.    We have had much colder springs  than this.   I have had a few other nests with no eggs hatching, or very few eggs hatching.   I will make posts if I can find the time.

Grass cup.  Likely bluebird nest.  May 30th

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