Stars and Lightening

This is a time-lapse that I took from our pool deck.   A storm front was moving in.   You can see the stars rotate as the clouds get closer.

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Dodson House after an Ice Storm

Dodson House after an Ice Storm

It was a cold and icy day today.  The birds appreciated my putting out some seed and suet.

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Female Cardinal after Ice Storm

Female Cardinal after Ice Storm

This female northern cardinal still had some ice on her tail feathers and crest this morning.


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White-throated Sparrow Feeding

White-throated Sparrow Feeding

White-throated Sparrow. We had a light ice storm last night. Not enough to down power lines, but enough to coat the driveway and the feeding area. I threw out some fresh bird food and did a little bird photography. These birds are abundant here in the winter.

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Red-bellied Woodpecker

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Red-bellied Woodpeckers bellies are really not all that red.

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Northern Cardinal in Flight

Northern Cardinal in Flight

Not the sharpest picture, but I liked the motion.

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Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Another cold day here in Jefferson City. We are getting some freezing rain. This is just another shot of a Blue Jay. Similar to a previous post, but I liked this photo better.

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